Counseling Sessions

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Individuals facing financial difficulties experience very different situations. That’s why, when you contact the Prosperity Center, we will help you determine the best way to approach your situation, and provide you the best credit counseling service options possible.

When you contact our counseling center, professionally trained and certified counselors will help you evaluate:

  • Your current financial situation.
  • Provide you with a detailed review of your income, assets, and expenses.
  • Provide personalized options based on your goals, which may include social service referrals, educational materials and resources.

At the end of the counseling session, you will feel good knowing that there are options available and that you are not alone. The Prosperity Center is here to help and provide you the best debt solutions for you and your situation.

To discuss your particular needs, our credit coaches are available Monday –Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Consumers who call the Prosperity Center are given access to a confidential, non-judgmental consultation with a certified counselor. This counseling session takes 60 to 90 minutes, and involves a comprehensive review of one’s debt and personal finances. The counselor offers expert advice along with a workable budget based on the client’s unique financial situation. By tailoring our advice to the client’s circumstances, we can offer a realistic plan for paying down debt, increasing savings, and improving the client’s financial situation.

Because the counseling session is free of charge and carries no obligation, we urge any consumer with financial concerns or mounting debt to take advantage of this nonprofit community service.

What happens in credit counseling?

Gathering Your Information

  • You supply information about your personal finances.
  • We recommend gathering your most recent paystubs, credit card bills, household bills including utilities, and an estimate of how much you spend on food and transportation per month.
  • The more complete and up-to-date your information, the better our advice will be.

Begin Credit Counseling

  • Discuss your debt and personal finance situation with your counselor.
  • Your counselor reviews your budget with you and offers targeted advice to help you control your spending.
  • Your counselor analyzes your debts and educates you about effective repayment strategies.

Create a Plan

  • You and your counselor will develop a new budget for you based on your unique circumstances.
  • Your plan will guide you toward repaying your debts.

The Prosperity Center offers free credit and debt counseling to help ease your financial stress, address your financial concerns, and develop a plan for living a financially healthy life. If you’re concerned about debt, we’ll provide options to help you get out of debt. Our caring, certified experts will partner with you to:

  • Understand your financial situation and goals
  • Develop a personalized budget
  • Offer recommendations for how to get out of debt
  • Develop a personalized action plan for moving forward

The debt counseling session can be conducted in-person or over the phone.

People often find it difficult to reach out in-person or dial the phone and ask for help with debt. Your needs will be addressed by a caring, compassionate expert who understands that financial hardships happen to good people. We will treat you with care and respect, and we will never be judgmental. We're committed to your success in becoming debt-free.

The comment we hear most often is “I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to call.”

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